March 12 – 13: El Cuco, El Salvador: The Beach Break

Another 12-hour ride, from Guatemala and almost through El Salvador on much flatter land and with surprisingly better roads, landed us on the Pacific Coast, in a small beach town, El Cuco.

beach expanse (1 of 1)  hotel from below (1 of 1)

We had one day to enjoy the wild waves of the ocean, which provided a surprising challenge when we tried to return to shore (John was having a good time, Deborah less so as the current pushed us toward the rocks..!)

When not swimming, we read and chilled out with the breeze on our cliff-side hotel, 275 steps down to the beach.

El Cuco Beach Break

Both evenings, we ventured into the small town for fish dinners, and on one occasion, the chance to sing Karaoke (to a cell phone app) and dance with the locals…!

Check out the couple singing Karaoke on our vimeo site:


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