January 15-18 – Adventures in the Grand Canyon


We finally arrived at a dream destination, and spent two days hiking inside and biking around this amazing natural wonder. After a week of sitting in a car, our bodies were ready for some exercise, but we really challenged them: a 7 hour hike down the Kaibab trail (Deb did 4 miles and John an additional 2) and a 6-hour bike ride around the rim (40 km).


As two passionate photographers, we were constantly trying to catch our awe at the landscape through our lenses…and to fathom the ‘deep time’ that the layers of rock represent about the 1.75 billion year old formation of our planet.


On our way out of the canyon, we passed some bucking deer and visited Elizabeth Coulter’s famous watchtower, whose design was based on native architecture and wall paintings.


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